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Hi James, the boys have completely finished tonight and what a beautiful job! I just want to sincerely thank you, Chris and Thomas for all the hard work and dedication. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all. I will gladly give... Read More

Use Your Redundant Loft Space in an Efficient Way

A unique and innovative spray roof insulation, this warm roof system is perfect for homeowners with terraced or semi detached properties, for whom space is a premium.

A revelation in light of new legislation which stipulates that... Read More

Why Insulate Your Warehouse?

New builds and refurbishment projects, whereby its rigidity and capacity to create a continuous insulating layer adds strength and prolongs warehouse longevity.

Spray foam insulation provides effective insulation that seals the roof from... Read More

How Can I Insulate my Boat?

With the minimum of thickness (from just 25mm) spray polyurethane foam readily achieved desired insulation values, without requiring much space. Class 1 fire rating spray foam insulation complies with BS476 Part 7. Moreover it is CFC, kind to the... Read More

Condensation Control

Upon spray application, the foam forms a continuous insulation layer that adheres to the surface providing unrivalled thermal and acoustic insulation and crucially preventing condensation from occurring.

Condensation problems tend to be... Read More

Benefits of Agricultural Insulation

Besides delivering superb thermal insulation properties, foam spray insulation (when applied externally to roof areas) also seals, waterproofs and weatherproofs older roofs, resolving problems with leaks and enhancing the lifespan of older... Read More

Benefits of Waterproof Spray Foam Insulation

When applied internally within a commercial or industrial building, foam insulation delivers unrivalled thermal insulation properties, greater acoustic insulation, an enhanced environment in which to work, not least reduced fuel bills. Applied... Read More