External Cladding Solutions
Rendered Rainscreen Cladding System from Metropolitan Insulation Services

Rainscreen cladding is an external system that envelops the building. Metropolitain Insulation Services can supply and fix rainscreen cladding in a range of attractive finishes that will suit most applications and aesthetic requirements.

The installation of rainscreen cladding creates a clear cavity between itself and the main superstructure. This allows the building to breathe and promotes healthy living whilst providing protection from the elements.

Metropolitan Insulation Services’ Rainscreen Cladding - System Overview

  • Constructed with a timber frame that is sheathed with breather membrane.
  • Timber battens create a clear cavity between the structure & the cladding.
  • Substantive timber frame fixing.

Features & Benefits

  • The finish is Approved Document Part B Fire Safety compliant.
  • The Clear cavity provides ‘healthy living’ environment.
  • The system is durable for up to 60 years.
  • The finish is low maintenance & therefore reduces product life cycle costs.
  • Quicker installation reduces the initial cost.
  • The system carries a long-term guarantee.
  • The horizontal ventilated cavity barrier fire seals within the cladding system.
  • The façade is watertight.
  • The render system is breathable
  • The finish is a highly water-repellent silicone resin finish.
  • We offer 65,000 colours including NCS, RAL and British Standard
  • We offer residential and commercial applications

Suitable Substrates for the Application

  • Timber frame
  • Warm steel frame
  • Cold steel frame
  • SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel)
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)
  • Masonry (Renovation)

For more information on rainscreen cladding please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services on 0800 028 4042.