Case Studies

Case Studies
See below for a selection of some of the case studies from Metropolitan Insulation

The work: Doggy Day Care

The problem: Noise created by dogs was loud and leaking badly into surrounding residential neighbourhood causing problems for owners..

The solution: Spray apply acoustic polyurethane system which reduced airborne noise to surrounding area. It also eliminated condensation and increased thermal performance .

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The work: Liverpool Victoria HQ Bournemouth

The problem: Meeting rooms used for highly confidential discussions were fitted out by interior designers without any consideration for acoustics. Therefore even though they looked ok aesthetically there was considerable leakage.

The solution: The walls were injected with acoustic polyurethane insulation at intervals of every half metre. The insertions made good afterwards. The perimeter above the suspended ceilings were also blocked with barrier and acoustic sprayed polyurethane insulation. Result being a complete success. Db and actual physical noise dramatically reduced.

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The work: Berkeley Homes Chiswick Gate

The problem: New high end development in West London. Problem caused in stairwells and stud walls were standard procedure has failed to achieve necessary DB ratings.

The solution: We decided on a retro fit to inject polyurethane acoustic foam into the step curvature by injection at intervals of quarter of a metre. The holes were 5mm in diameter. The stud walls have the same treatment. After installation the holes are made good. The project takes 1 full day and means structure is kept in place without disturbance.

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Metropolitan Insulation were employed and added to our approved contractors list for the purpose of supplying and installing fully independent acoustic ceilings. From the point of consultation with our management team to the completion of works, they carried out the whole process with a high level of professionalism. Furthermore the feedback from those tenants involved is that the works were carried out in a fast clean manner. More importantly the reduction in noise both for airborne and impact was reduced by in excess of 50% meaning they can now sleep undisturbed.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to other Councils and commercials.

Kind regards, Mr P.

I am very happy with the professional service provided by Metropolitan Insulation. They were able to diagnose and fix my noise issue quickly, and proposed a more cost-effective solution than a competitor, which was effective.

All the best, Mrs E

Metropolitan’s latest installation has been well received and a great success.

The site which is a very upmarket Scandinavian poultry restaurant is situated in Middlesex Street close to Tower Bridge. The objective of the exercise was to reduce airborne noise to the flats above. Also the issue of reverberation
noise is combated.

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When the restaurant is full the noise generated is dissipated by our system. This is another example of low density open cell acoustic foam being used successfully. It can be left open as in this instance or covered up also. The product is BBA certified and can have a zero fire rating added also. Modern semi commercials like this benefit hugely from technology.

Survivors UK Commercial Property Soundproofing

The Situation: Noise pollution through dividing patient rooms within the office complex

The Solution: We have successfully completed the design, build and installation of soundproofing at Survivors UK in Wapping.

This project involved taking down a side of external walls and dividing walls for the purpose of improving acoustic integrity and privacy in a highly sensitive environment. We also sealed existing fire doors without having to replace these, with acoustic/ smoke seals.

The system we used was the MetroSoundGuard system for the walls. This combines reduction for airborne and impact noise aswell as giving it high thermal conductivity. The result has been another outstanding bespoke solution in the City.

Airborne conversation has been reduced to a whisper and the clients are delighted with the results. Once again Metropolitan demonstrate they can deliver ‘sound’ solutions for your commercial and domestic needs/property.

The work: Concrete silos at Tilbury for Cemex.
The problem: Temperature and condensation issues on site.
The solution: Spray apply 50mm polyurethane rigid closed cell foam to external surface. Coating with rubberised decadex coating.
The result: Problems eliminated in a fast,efficient application.

The work: Converted hangar for M.O.D at Brize Norton
The problem: interior dividing walls not had acoustic/ thermal insulation for laboratories.
The solution: Drilled holes to install low density open cell acoustic foam throughout areas concerned,giving a 4db rated airborne noise reduction and improving heat retention and thermal efficiency.
The result: Complete installation carried out without removing infrastructure, achieving desired result without disturbance.

The work: Recording studios at the Royal Academy of Music London.
The problem: Inadequate acoustic doors and housing causing problems for production.
The solution: Increase density of single leaf wall with double soundbloc board and isolated perimeter. Replace wooden doors with 'slow shut' 48db steel Strongdoors and sealed plate footings with new concrete plinths.
The result: Studio acoustic integrity re instated and therefore usable for recording purposes.

The work: ST Edwards School North London.
The problem: Noise leakage despite having fold able acoustic doors dividing gym into 2 usable areas.
The solution: Above the dividing wall there was a single breeze bloc wall that was a weak spot. Install MF acoustic 12cm wall comprising independent aluminium framework, 1 layer of fermacel,1 layer sound shield,all joints overlapped, perimeter sealed.
The result: Leakage eliminated. Soundproofing complete solution which it should have had in first place.

The work: Dutch barge in Chelsea Harbour converted into static home
The problem: Noise to fellow boat owners and nearby residential area
The solution: Strip out panelling inside and install 100mm of closed cell rigid polyurethane sprayed insulation to hull structure. Triple acoustic glaze all windows
The result: Airborne noise reduced by 3.5db. Thermally, green emission proofed modern home.

The work: Recording studio sub contracted to BBC for new Jackanory series in High Holborn.
The problem: Noise transferrence in and out of basement area. Tube noise.
The solution: Room within a room. Floors having 12 cm suspended independent acoustic surfaces with isolated perimeters,impactalay and 8mm chip floor and aluminium base
The result: Noise reduced by 5db and usable for intended purpose.

The work: Omega Fire Manchester City centre.

The problem: Small storage room is housing a large server that is on wheels. The noise is emitting into open plan office of 20 employees.

Omega Fire

The solution: Build a room within a room with independent surfaces and isolated flooring. Increase density of door and install seals. Subsequent sound test and airborne noise conclusively prove 50% reduction and in excess of expectations

The work: Cholmeley Gardens private estate in Hampstead north west London.

The problem: Insulation present is either non existent or sub standard in places. 3000 square metres in total. Due to the property being over 100 years old the ceilings are extremely old and delicate.

The solution: Using roof andwalk boards the weight is distributed evenly so technicians can remove and install without disturbing ceilings. The ensuing result means the installation is carried out without any disturbance and completed in 2 weeks.

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The Work: Kia s new flagship showroom off the elevated M4 at Brentford. For Paragon the main contractor.

The Problem: Services have been installed after the Kingspan had been installed on concrete soffit. The issues were as you can see,how to insulate and fill these areas with speed,efficiency and the ability to access if necessary at a later date. The traditional method doing what's already in situ would take days and be labour intensive.

The Solution: Inject voids with low density open cell PIR system to fill the voids,200 metres in one full day leaving it accessible to operatives if needs in future.

The Result: Complete infill achieved with Class 1 Fire Rated and BBA product within the Building Control remit. Happy main contractor and client.

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The work: New continental gastropub. Entertainments/comedy venue
The problem: Noise emanating from venue to residential area surrounding.
The solution: Acoustic doors within existing framework of fire door eliminating leakage. Full acoustic walls on gable and side elevations comprising Mf aluminium framework,sound bloc insulation rw3 60kg,I layer fermacel 12.5mm,I layer sound shield joints overlapped,perimeter isolated, plaster finish.
The result: Noise reduced below required levels for council and resident relations improved.

The work: Rehab Nightclub in Bristol.
The problem: Airborne noise exceeding 90db on regular basis. Council require reduction.
The solution: Acoustic doors within existing door frames. Acoustic rubber floors under sound stage and dj booth isolated round perimeters. Absorption panels on walls (screen printed in clients images of preference). Sound masking with Quell systems in tactical areas.

The result: Maximum db output reduced to 85db and client conforming and enhancing council requirements

The work: Ellenborough Park Hotel in Cheltenham. Bedrooms.
The problem: Noise transferring from server room in vicinity of 2 en suite luxury bedrooms making unusable.
The solution: Server isolated by acoustic rubber seats and absorption pads. Both rooms having acoustic bloc in ceiling and false mf walls at 120mm thick.
The result: Room noise reduced in real terms by 50% and usable for guests.

The work: A shop in Catford with residential flats above. Airborne and impact noise. Transference issues.
The solution: Lift all floors above. Install 60kb acoustic bloc insulation between joists. Isolation strips on joists. Install free floating acoustic floor consisting of ply/chip and 15mm impactalay with isolated perimeter. Install mf acoustic ceiling from below. Aluminium framework isolated by acoustic hangars. 6okb acoustic bloc. Double sound barrier board. Plaster.
The result: Compliance with Part E regulation for local authority and any sound test. Both shop owner and tenants co exist in harmony.

The work: Small skate park in Leicester privately owned. Timber construction
The problem: Noise emanating to neighbours during use. Wooden made so very noisy on impact.
The solution: 100mm sprayed below surface of closed cell polyurethane rigid foam,by taking sides off and crawling below. This can also be done by drilling into non accessible ramps and injecting. Note calculation would need to be made on cubic metres for amount of foam.
The result: Db reduction and actual noise reduction satisfied council and neighbours.

The work: The Car Paint Workshop. Business unit which is divided into commercial and domestic premises.
The problem: Noise from nearby railway and Network Rail workshop travelling into mezzanine living accommodation.
The solution: Spray insulate with 50mm of low density open cell acoustic foam to steel profile roof and walls. Then in same areas install full MF acoustic proofing following contours of structure,incorporating double acoustic maxiboard. Glazed windows with acoustic secondary glazing.
The result: 75% noise level reduction throughout living accommodation. No more sleep deprivation.

The Work: Airing cupboard in Enfield for domestic client.

The Problem: Pump noise was resonating through flat and downstairs into neighbours creating problems for both.

The Solution: Take out pump and cistern completely. Build acoustic walls up with sound barrier board and new acoustic platform and isolating Impactlayer plus to reduce noise in both instances. Resit pump and cistern.

The Result: 60% reduction in noise for both residents. Work completed in day and both residents have quieter and tolerable living areas.

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